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1st Annual Healing Through the Arts December 9, 2017

Our Mission

My name is Jasmine Hardison, Founder & Executive Director of King David Respect for Life Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in honor of my only child David-Remon McDaniel Jr. who was fatally shot in Oakland two weeks after his 21st birthday.

The weekend of July 22nd, I was in Los Angeles attending a conference on gun violence prevention, hoping to take that information back home to help make an impact in my community.  The morning of July 24th, I was due to return home when I received a very disturbing call informing me that my son had been shot, and later succumbed to his injuries. I was heartbroken because I felt there was  nothing I could do about it, yet I felt so compelled to do something!   

Since being on this new journey of my life as a bereaved mother, I've encountered numerous families that has also experienced the loss of a child(ren) due to violence. The stories behind their deaths further drove me to turn my pain into purpose  and help to tackle these issues within our community.

Our organization aims to raise awareness on the intergenerational trauma that has been caused by perpetuated gun violence. We are focused on integrating programs into schools and juvenile detention centers with a focus on At-risk youth and provide them with the vital resources needed to sustain a productive life. Somewhere we have been failed by our society, so it is our mission at King David Respect for Life Inc., to plant seeds of leadership, accountability, and integrity that will blossom into respect for all lives. 

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Our volunteers commit countless hours in the daily operations of our organization. Without, them our jobs would be quite difficult! We appreciate you...without you none of this would be possible.  Please contact us for volunteer opportunities. 

In Loving Memory

This organization was founded in memory of my son David Remon McDaniel Jr., and countless others whom have had their lives ended due to violence. 


July 10,1995-July 24,2016 


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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission to preserve the lives of minority youth within Alameda County.

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